Spirulina Becagli does good...goodness!

After the communication campaign "Spirulina Becagli is good for you!" launched on the occasion of its inclusion in Unicoop Firenze, the Tuscan Italian organic spirulina company once again becomes a protagonist with two charity activities in collaboration with Corri la Vita Onlus and Fondazione Il Sole Grosseto.

Here are the two press releases created in collaboration with the two entities.


From 17 to 31 March, 15% of sales of SPIRULINA BECAGLI will be donated to CORRI LA VITA Onlus to fight breast cancer.

A new travel companion for CORRI LA VITA: it is Spirulina Becagli, the algae with beneficial effects which has now become a pleasant and healthy habit for many Florentines too.

From Friday 17th to 31st March 15% of product sales in numerous Unicoop Florence supermarkets (Florence Novoli San Donato, Florence Cimabue, Florence Caracciolo, Florence Gavinana, Florence Ponte a Greve, Sesto Fiorentino Superstore, Prato Le Pleiadi Shopping Centre, Pisa Super Store Cascina) will be donated to CORRI LA VITA, to support the association in its activities to support, treat and prevent breast cancer.

“We have always been committed to conveying the importance of health values, correct lifestyles, healthy eating and prevention - recalls Eleonora Frescobaldi, president of CORRI LA VITA Onlus -. Special thanks to Tommaso Becagli for his attention to CORRI LA VITA: we are certain that these two weeks will give great satisfaction, Spirulina is now at home in Tuscany too.”

“Spirulina Becagli is good for you… ficenza” is the slogan chosen by the company to support this campaign
“We are very happy to support CORRI LA VITA, one of the most important associations in Florence and Tuscany, which for years has stood by women in their darkest moments - underlines Tommaso Becagli -. As a Florentine, I have always viewed the work carried out by the non-profit organization with pride and being able to link the brand of one of the companies to which I am most attached to the name of CORRI LA VITA is a source of great pride for me. My mother and I have always supported the associations in the Florentine and Tuscan area that help those who are most in difficulty and have fewer possibilities, and this collaboration makes us even more proud."

SOLIDARITY CHOCOLATE/ Conad continues to support the Il Sole Foundation
Clodia Commerciale purchases 400 bars of "solidarity chocolate" produced by Spirulina Becagli from the Foundation, to support activities in favor of disabled people

Clodia Commerciale, the company that manages the four Conad stores in Grosseto, purchases 400 chocolate bars produced by Spirulina Becagli, enriched with spirulina and vitamin B12, to help support the activities organized by the Il Sole Onlus Foundation with the aim of improving quality of life to people with mental, intellectual and relational disabilities, and multiple disabilities.
This beautiful initiative was born thanks to the great availability of two important local entities, which by becoming part of the "Companies in the light of the Sun", decided to take on a piece of social responsibility towards the Foundation, supporting its activities. Spirulina Becagli has decided to donate to the Foundation a portion of the sales of its 60% dark chocolate enriched with spirulina algae powder and vitamin B12, an energy product particularly appreciated by those who practice sports. Conad Grosseto, for its part, continuing a commitment towards the Foundation begun a few years ago, has decided to directly purchase 400 packs of 90 grams at the price of 7 euros each, allowing the Foundation to have an economic return to be used for own activities.
«Conad's choice to directly purchase Spirulina Becagli chocolate bars – explains the president of the Foundation, Massimiliano Frascino – not only confirms constant attention towards us, but gives the measure of the generosity of the company led by Paolo Degli Innocenti, who by purchasing the product directly has renounced any form of mark-up. Reselling it to its customers at the cost price for the company. Generosity that goes hand in hand with that of Tommaso Becagli, owner of the company of the same name, who has decided to donate a third of the proceeds from the sale of a consumer product such as chocolate energy bars. We are truly deeply grateful to both of them for the attention they give us, which encourages us to try to improve ourselves to provide adequate responses to the needs of people with serious disabilities and their families."
The chocolate bar will be available in Conad Grosseto stores from next Saturday. A group of people with disabilities who frequent the Foundation will be present in the shops to launch the solidarity initiative, starting from Saturday 18 March in the shop in via Scansanese, from 9.30 to 12.30. On the following Saturdays in the Conad stores in Aurelia Antica, via Senegal and via Clodia.
The 90 gram packs of Becagli Spirulina chocolate can also be purchased at the Il Sole Foundation, in via Uranio 40/B by booking it on 373/800.00.94.