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    Spirulina Becagli

    Gigli Bio - Protein Pasta with Legumes and Spirulina

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    Protein pasta with cooked legumes and spirulina.

    A highly digestible, gluten-free pasta with a high satiating power, thanks to the richness of vegetable proteins inside.

    Ideal for vegetable sauces or even to accompany a drizzle of oil and cheese as it is already very tasty.

    150g pack.

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    cristina pacinotti
    Pasta proteica


    valentina spotti

    Gigli Bio - Pasta Proteica con Legumi e Spirulina

    How to use

    Serving 50g raw = 120g cooked. Cook in pan with a glass of water covered every 50g for 2/3 min, stirring. Season to taste.

    Nutritional values

    Energia 1414 kJ / 338 kcal

    Grassi 1,5g

    Grassi saturi 0,1g

    Carboidrati 58g

    Di cui zuccheri 0,6g

    Fibre 10g

    Proteine 20g

    Sale 0,3g


    100% Organic



    Steamed legume flour * 69% (in variable proportions between shelled yellow lentils *, shelled chickpeas *), steamed yellow corn * 30%, Spirulina * 1% * organic

    Descrizione approfondita

    Food specialty based on organic legume flour, steamed with Spirulina. Specifically formulated for people intolerant to gluten. They are lighter and more digestible because legumes are first left to soak, steamed whole, dried and ground It is a product with a high fiber and protein content, it is a single and balanced dish, low in calories and ready in a few minutes. Serving 50g raw = 120g cooked. Cook in a pan with a glass of water every 50g for 2/3 min covered, stirring. Season to taste

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