The skin reflects the internal situation of our organism, therefore only by following a healthy and balanced diet, capable of nourishing the organism in general, is it possible to obtain luminous and beautiful skin.
In this context, including spirulina algae in your diet can bring numerous benefits to your health in general and specifically to your skin.

For this reason, in the middle of the Tuscan Maremma, Severino Becagli tries to cultivate in the best way, far from any external contamination, the most powerful and balanced food resource on the planet, spirulina. Ideal for reinventing traditional flavours, few know that spirulina can be consumed pure, or alternatively inserted into sauces, condiments, smoothies and many other preparations. The completely Made in Italy production follows very high quality standards that guarantee customers the best of nature and the results will be visible in a very short time. The high nutritional value of this super food is also recognized by NASA whose aim is precisely to find a food that can even accommodate the particular needs of astronauts. The food and beauty routine can find a valid beauty elixir in spirulina, which provides vitamins and proteins with high biological value, essential amino acids for the well-being of tissues and has incredible antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

What is spirulina algae?

Improperly defined as algae, spirulina owes its rather funny name to its shape. When carefully observed under the microscope, it appears in the form of spiral micro-filaments that float within the water. Furthermore, to be precise, it is not even an algae as it is not a marine plant, on the contrary, spirulina is a micro-algae, belonging to the cyanobacteria family that grows in alkaline lake waters. The fact that it contains the word bacteria in its name could have aroused fear and fear in the consumer, which is why the belief that it is an algae has spread.

The initial research was enough to make scholars understand that spirulina is a prodigious algae, so much so that it was defined as the food of the future, in fact it alone could feed man and allow its development. A careful look at the nutritional values ​​shows us that it contains vitamins of groups B and E, essential amino acids, beta carotene, proteins, fatty acids, in short, nothing that humans need is missing from its nutritional intake. Specifically, the presence of proteins with high nutritional value has allowed spirulina to be one of the most requested foods by athletes always looking for energy sources that are also natural and organic. In fact, spirulina has spread on the market in every possible form, becoming a food for daily use, added to any healthy and natural recipe.

Why does spirulina benefit the skin?

Enriching your diet with a food such as spirulina, which contains eight essential amino acids not present in the human body, allows you to promote the production of collagen by the tissues and therefore have plumped and firm skin, capable of combating the action of free radicals and more beautiful in general. In fact, the action of the seaweed is not limited only to counteracting the appearance of the signs of aging, it is also excellent for detoxifying the skin and promoting the disappearance of acne by restoring the normal hydro-lipid barrier. Excessive production of sebum, responsible for imperfections and impurities in general, is resolved primarily through correct nutrition and then topically by using the right products on the skin. By accelerating the metabolism of the body in general and therefore also that of the skin, it is possible to prevent and counteract the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes and signs of aging in general, promoting greater production of elastin and collagen.

It should also be highlighted that the presence of high quantities of beta-carotene is very useful for achieving the perfect tan, this vitamin allows you to benefit from the sun's rays, protecting the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, always applying high protection solar that allows your tan to last a long time.

What skin types is it suitable for?

The benefits of spirulina algae are indicated for all skin types and for the body in general, the food in question in fact promotes well-being in all its forms, a valid beauty ally for its detox, anti-aging benefits and energizers that promote cellular regeneration. Supplementing your diet with spirulina or alternatively applying products based on this algae to the skin allows you to benefit from it regardless of your type of problem. Those who suffer from acneic or impure skin will see the sebum-balancing action of the product, mature skin will benefit from the anti-aging and nourishing effects and more. All skin types, at any time of the year, will appear in the best shape they have ever had thanks to the contribution of a substance that improves the nourishment of the internal organs and tissues.

What are the fundamental steps for taking care of your skin?

Taking care of your skin is not easy but having perfect skin is not a utopia. Of course, genetic factors play a fundamental role but also nutrition, the use of natural products suitable for your skin type and lifestyle can significantly influence its appearance. The skin is the first indicator of health, if there is something wrong inside on a hormonal but also intestinal level, it will appear dim and smooth, with obvious imperfections. This is why starting to take care of your diet by introducing targeted foods is the first step to having perfect skin. Fruit and vegetables but also foods rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which spirulina is also rich in, are essential for a young face and perfectly nourished skin. A healthy lifestyle should then be combined with skin care tailored to your skin type: fresh and light for combination and oily skin, a rich and nourishing routine for dry and mature skin.

The basic steps for healthy skin

Healthy skin appears perfectly smooth, with slightly enlarged and visible pores, a refined texture and a healthy complexion, but how to achieve it? There are many external stresses that can compromise the health of the skin: stress, smoking, alcohol abuse, excessive sun exposure and much more. The skin is always at the mercy of the aggression of external factors such as wind, rain, frost but also the sun and excessive heat. Depending on the season, it needs to be taken care of, providing freshness in summer and protection and nutrition in winter. Essentially, cleansing and hydrating are the two basic actions for healthy skin. Before going to sleep and as soon as you wake up it is important to clean your skin thoroughly, eliminating any residue of make-up, dead skin or smog so that the pores are free to breathe.

At this point you can proceed with hydration through the use of special serums and creams that smooth and nourish the skin based on its specific needs. Products with a gel texture are more suitable for those with oily skin, while rich and creamy ones are perfect for dry skin. Finally, peelings and scrubs can be perfect remedies for having perfectly smooth skin and, at the same time, promoting the penetration of the active ingredients applied during skin care. With spirulina, or even with Severino Becagli's spirulina honey, for example, it is also possible to create detox and relaxing facial masks!

Take care of your body skin

It is not just the face that shows skin problems but the whole body. Especially in winter, when you wear clothes that cover your arms and legs, you tend to neglect your skin, which is a very serious mistake. In fact, to have healthy skin you need to take care of it daily through the use of hydrating and nourishing lotions designed to make your skin shine. Hair removal already puts a strain on the health of the skin which, if particularly dry, could tear or present unsightly ingrown hairs. The solution is to smooth the skin with periodic scrubs that eliminate dead cells and promote cell turnover. Furthermore, for glowing skin, it is essential to include soothing emollient ingredients even in body care such as creams rich in vegetable oils and natural detoxifying active ingredients. A hot bath once a week with a little bicarbonate can help the skin regenerate, perhaps using a horsehair glove in the areas with greater roughness such as knees and elbows or even the heels. A neutral detergent to cleanse the skin without attacking it and vegetable oils to nourish are the basis for having luminous and smooth skin.