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    Spirulina Becagli

    SpiruUp - Organic drink with Spirulina

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    SpiruUp is a detox water made with phycocyanin, the extract of Spirulina with a natural blue color.

    Phycocyanin fights the formation of free radicals thanks to its high antioxidant power, which is about 40 times higher than that of vitamins E and A.

    The addition of lemon juice gives the final product a refreshing taste.

    240ml glass bottle

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    SpiruUp - Bevanda Bio con Spirulina

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    Licia Ferroni

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    Nutritional values

    Energia 55 kJ/13 kcal

    Grassi <0.5g

    Grassi saturi 0 g

    Carboidrati 3.1g

    Di cui zuccheri 3.1g

    Proteine < 0.5g

    Sale <0.01g


    100% Organic


    Water, aqueous extract of Spirulina * 7%, lemon juice * 3%, beet sugar * 3%. * organic

    Descrizione approfondita

    From the extraction of Spirulina, considered by the Aztecs the food of the Gods, SPIRU UP, the water of the Gods, is born. SPIRU UP is the only detox water made with phycobiliproteins extracted from freshly picked spirulina. The blue color of phycocyanin is present in the concentrate that is observed on the bottom, while the red color of phycoerythrin is visible in the liquid. Continuous intake of these natural protein pigments brings multiple benefits to the body. -Fights the formation of free radicals by hindering the oxidation of cells thanks to their high antioxidant power, which is about 40 times higher than that of vitamins E and A, with particular "anti-aging" benefits for hair, nails and skin. -Strengthens the immune system, increasing protection from external attacks, such as viruses. -It has a neuroprotective action, useful against neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and is also effective against colitis, inflammation and arthritis. SPIRU UP can be consumed both at room temperature and fresh. Pasteurizing the product at low temperatures allows it to preserve all its antioxidant properties and the addition of lemon juice, as well as giving the final product a refreshing taste, keeps them unchanged for long periods. The formation of a concentrate on the bottom of the bottle is a symptom of the naturalness and integrity of the drink, devoid of emulsifiers.