Tradition and innovation while respecting the environment

The Severino Becagli production plant is located inside the San Lorenzo Farm, one of the oldest farms in the area built by the long-standing Porciatti brick company, which retains its simple beauty while having been enhanced by the latest technologies. It is surrounded by fields and 480Ha of agricultural land, prestigious estates and a unique Spirulina production plant that is 100% Made in Tuscany.

Commitment towards those who choose our company

Severino Becagli Spirulina grows in open ponds, called raceway ponds, inside computerized greenhouses, which allow for perfectly regulated temperatures, adequate aeration and sunlight exposure, while at the same time eliminating the risk of contamination of the final product. Raceway ponds have a special shape, designed according to hydrodynamic principles, so as to minimize areas of sedimentation. The harvesting is carried out without the need to handle the algae, thanks to complex innovative machinery which does not compromise the cells of the microalgae. The same machinery also transfers it to a building by the greenhouses. A “building inside a building” allows processing to be carried out in confined spaces, including 2 “clean rooms” for the filtration and desiccation rooms, which are temperature-controlled and air conditioned with Absolute HEPA filters, to make sure that all spaces meet ISO class 8 standards. The building also hosts a laboratory where the inocula for the Spirulina strains from the cultivation are kept active, and where cultivation in the greenhouses is monitored through microbiological and chemical check-ups and analyses.

Beneficial effects also on the environment

Spirulina production is in perfect harmony with the environment. Its cultivation does not cause pollution, soil erosion or water contamination.

Producing spirulina allows you to use less water and soil than other foods:

1/3 of the water used for soy

1/5 of the corn

1/50 compared to beef

20 times less soil than soy

40 times less than corn

200 times less than beef

Furthermore, spirulina is the organism that produces the most oxygen of all and allows a lot of CO2 to be captured from the atmosphere, reducing the gases that cause the earth to overheat. Its production makes the air clean: 1 kg of spirulina produced absorbs 2 kg of CO2 and emits 2 kg of oxygen.

Our Values

Spirulina algae cultivation: for Becagli it is based on three fundamental values Quality: Commitment towards those who choose the company and its organic Spirulina Innovation: Research and development always anchored to the tradition of the Tuscan territory Respect: Protection of the environment is fundamental for us and Spirulina Becagli it is highly bio sustainable

Spirulina production plants: the location

The Spirulina Becagli production plants are located inside the Tenuta San Lorenzo in Grosseto, one of the oldest agricultural structures in the area, an architectural complex that preserves the beauty of simplicity, enriched by the most modern technologies for the production of theseaweed.

This rural building whichdates back to the early years of strong>'900, whose external appearance has been renovated and faithfully maintained in conformity with the original with the use of bricks from the old Porciatti furnace in Grosseto, is the true technological heart of the plant.< /p>

Inside the building, in fact, a "building within a building" was created in order to guarantee confined areas, including 2 "clean rooms" for the spirulina filtration and drying environments , capable of working at controlled temperature and air conditioning equipped with HEPA absolute filters, to guarantee ISO class 8 environments.

The entire process, from the cultivation of spirulina, to the harvesting, up to processing , is controlled and managed by a centralized system.

The building is also equipped with an internal laboratory in which the inoculants of the cultivated Spirulina strains are kept active and in which microbiological analyzes and controls are carried out and chemicals on crops underway in greenhouses.

Spirulina algae cultivation: cultivation tanks

Spirulina Becagli grows in open tanks, the raceway ponds, located inside automated greenhouses, which allow perfect regulation of the spirulina cultivation conditions, avoiding contamination with external agents which could cause a poor quality of the algae.

The Severino Becagli raceway ponds have a particular shape and are designed according to hydrodynamic principles such as to minimize potential sedimentation areas.

The collection takes place without contact with the personnel in charge, via a pumping system that brings the water from the greenhouse, rich in organic spirulina, directly into the filtration chamber of the building attached to the greenhouses. Here it is passed through a vibrating sieve, separating the water, which is reintroduced into the greenhouses, from the spirulina, which is transported to the drying chambers for drying at 40°.

< br/>This is how the production of organic spirulina algae made in Tuscany was born!

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