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    Spirulina Becagli

    Extra Dark Chocolate 60% with Spirulina and Vitamin B12

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    Bar of 60% extra dark chocolate with no added sugar, sweetened with maltitol.

    Single-origin cocoa paste National variety of Ecuador.

    Each 30 g tablet contains the recommended daily dose of spirulina powder (3 g) and 200% of the daily requirement of Vitamin B12.

    Available in formats: 1 tablet, 2 tablets, 3 tablets.


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    How to use

    Each bar contains 9.6 g of maltitol. Excessive consumption can have laxative effects. May contain nuts, lactose and milk proteins. Fortified foods are not intended as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    Nutritional values

    Energia 2008 kJ / 485 kcal

    Grassi 35 g

    Grassi saturi 21 g

    Carboidrati 40 g

    Di cui zuccheri 0 g

    Fibre 8.7g

    Proteine 11 g

    Sale 0.27g

    Descrizione approfondita

    The Spirulina Becagli chocolate bar, created in collaboration with the Il Sole Grosseto Foundation, is a tasty and alternative way to take spirulina! In fact, each 30 g tablet contains 3 g of spirulina powder, which corresponds to the recommended daily dose and Vitamin B12 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Our chocolate is a 60% extra dark chocolate from Ecuador with no added sugar and sweetened with maltitol. The result is therefore a food recommended also for those who follow low-calorie diets and it is a perfect snack for sportsmen! Becagli Chocolate with Spirulina is also suitable for people with impaired glycemia since maltitol is absorbed more slowly and causes glycemic peaks that are almost 50% lower than traditional sugar. The addition of Vitamin B12, a deficient nutritional factor in vegans and vegetarians, together with the absence of animal derivatives, makes our chocolate an ideal food for their diet!

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