How to lose weight correctly

Losing weight is undoubtedly one of the most problematic aspects of health and well-being. Just type in any search engine and you will find an almost infinite list of slimming diets and miracle supplements, which promise safe results in a very short time. It goes without saying that in the vast majority of these cases, the products and diets proposed are just mirrors to sell products, and that the reality is very different.

Losing weight is an integral part of a correct diet and an adequate lifestyle and it would be wrong to say that a single supplement is enough to drastically reduce weight; the matter is more complex, because a balanced diet must be combined with a non-sedentary lifestyle and above all targeted supplements that provide the right elements in the correct quantities.
As regards the components used in the various supplements, nature offers us a huge variety of herbs and extracts that contribute to improving the body's metabolism, also optimizing the various levels of the elements present in the blood (such as triglycerides and cholesterol).

Spirulina algae and its effects on the diet

Therefore, if we talk about foods useful for our body, we cannot fail to mention Spirulina Algae, a true super food with notable nutritional properties. Spirulina algae, despite its name, is not an algae, but a cyanobacterium. It has this name due to the typical green-blue color of cyanobacteria and its photosynthetic function of producing oxygen, as well as its particular perfect spiral shape. It is considered the link between bacteria and plants regarding the evolution of life on earth; in fact in the biological field it can be considered one of the oldest inhabitants of our planet.
As already mentioned, it is considered a super food due to its high concentration of nutritional elements, such as proteins , vitamins , omega 3 and omega 6 , as well as essential amino acids and antioxidants . Spirulina is easy to assimilate and our body can digest it easily and for these reasons it has always been used as a complete food.

Its characteristics become essential when talking about weight loss and a correct diet. The nutritional elements present within it are in fact well balanced and manage to provide the right quantity of energy and proteins in the correct proportion, as well as logically all the other elements. The benefits it brings to the body are multiple and closely related to weight loss. First of all, it improves and regulates blood sugar levels, reducing triglycerides and reducing LDL cholesterol (so-called bad cholesterol); the immediate consequence is an improvement in the supply of oxygen to the cells and a speeding up of the body's metabolism, which will lead to better disposal of the fats present. Furthermore, with constant intake the immune system will be strengthened, counteracting tiredness and giving energy to the body.
Furthermore, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties will help purify and detoxify the body from harmful elements. Finally, according to a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2005, it was found that constant consumption of Spirulina helps fight allergies, such as allergic rhinitis and hay fever.

Returning to the aspect regarding weight loss and the well-being of one's body, it is therefore clear that spirulina algae is an ideal food to integrate into a healthy diet. Its nourishing elements will be able to fill any gaps present in the body and provide what is necessary to activate the metabolism. This factor becomes primary even in cases of malnutrition or malnutrition, thanks to the amino acids that are easily assimilated and digested by the body and the vitamins, proteins and fats present.

The abundance of nutrients present and their ability to stimulate the secretion of cholecystokinin will accelerate the onset of the feeling of satiety and therefore, if taken before meals, will help reduce the desire for excess food, providing in any case all the components that the organism needs. Reducing body weight will lead to a complete improvement in well-being, particularly regarding the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure and reducing bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
This particular cyanobacterium also brings notable benefits regarding the maintenance and renewal of cells. Thanks to its very high antioxidant content, it is considered one of the best allies for athletes as it drastically reduces free radicals (thus fighting the aging of the body and cells).

The properties of spirulina

Furthermore, for those who practice sport at all levels it is to be considered a notable source of energy, and the presence of ferridoxin and biotin helps to slow down the production of lactic acid, a primary factor in muscle recovery.
Going into detail about its characteristics and composition, we must first highlight how its protein value is very high and can even reach 77% of its weight. As for proteins, it also provides phycobiliproteins, in particular Phycocyanin and Allophycocyanin.

Moving on to the supply of amino acids, Spirulina contains all eight essential elements, in the same proportions as breast milk. These essential amino acids cannot be broken down and synthesized by our body and are considered the basis and foundation of the entire protein scheme.

As regards fats, in Spirulina there are linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, considered healthy fats, capable of counteracting the triglycerides present in the blood and reducing harmful cholesterol levels.

Finally, there are also a notable variety of vitamins (particularly those of groups A, D, K, E and B), very useful for guaranteeing the body a correct balance of its functions and for activating the immune system, and salts minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, selenium, sodium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese.

All these properties can be found in the selection of Spirulina Becagli products; our intent is to offer the public a quality and totally organic product, which is a natural source of vegetable proteins, without adding any fats and sugars. This is made possible by the innovative production plant where modern technologies coexist with ancient cultivation techniques. The combination of these two elements allows us to produce an organic Spirulina Algae, gluten free and 100% vegan, logically made in Tuscany.

Other factors to take into consideration

As we have seen, Spirulina Algae can be considered a complete food, capable of helping the body with regards to metabolism and weight loss processes. However, it must be noted that a targeted and integrated diet with the right nutritional elements must be combined with a correct and healthy lifestyle. Drastic changes are not necessary, just small precautions, such as not taking the elevator at home in favor of the stairs, rather than going to the workplace by bicycle or on foot if possible. Logically, today's life and the degree of stress and frenzy to which we are subjected makes it almost impossible to be constant in these intentions, but being able to maintain small habits can give great help to our body and significantly improve the nutritional intake given by the various foods and supplements.

Regarding food supplements, the basic rules recall in many respects what has already been mentioned specifically for Spirulina Algae. In fact, there are no miracle supplements, but valid allies that contain extracts of very useful elements for our body (such as Spirulina algae) and which will allow an improvement in weight and general well-being.

There is, therefore, no food supplement that is better or more effective than others, but as regards weight loss, some guidelines can be outlined that a supplement must possess. For example, it must be a source of proteins and must also ensure a minimum intake of good fats, in order to stimulate and speed up the body's metabolism. In this way the nutritional elements generally assimilated during meals will be absorbed more by the cells, resulting in faster use of fats and sugars. Another essential characteristic concerns the sense of satiety. Very often we tend to leave the table only with a full stomach, but it would be appropriate to finish the meal still slightly dissatisfied. By taking a supplement before meals you will develop a sense of satiety (thanks to its internal components) and you will tend to eat only what is necessary for your body.

Logically, no supplement or no food can make you lose weight if you don't follow some basic rules, such as the elimination (or at least the drastic reduction) of sweets and alcoholic and sugary drinks. Only with these small precautions will it be possible to fully grasp the benefits brought by supplements and begin to notice improvements in weight in a short time.
It's a different matter if, in addition to weight loss, you want to pursue other results, such as in the sporting field. In these cases it is a good idea to choose supplements that also provide a fair amount of energy based on your sporting activity. It goes without saying that a body builder will prefer supplements that develop muscle mass and at the same time help to define it, eliminating fat. A marathon runner or a walker, on the other hand, will prefer supplements and foods that help to lose weight and which at the same time provide a large amount of energy to the body. There are therefore many cases and each with its own needs and requirements. The constant, however, remains that of finding a supplement (or food) that helps speed up the body's metabolic processes, thus managing to reduce excess fat.