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    Spirulina Becagli

    Spirulina and Coconut Bars

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    The Coconut and Spirulina energy bar is a mix of vitamins and natural fibers contained in
    only 40g of product.

    Spirulina and Coconut is available in 3 formats:
    - 3 bars
    - 6 bars
    - 18 bars


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    Nutritional values

    Energia Kl 1.832/kcal436

    Grassi 26.2g

    Grassi saturi 11.7g

    Carboidrati 52g

    Di cui zuccheri 43.6g

    Fibre 8.1g

    Proteine 8.7g

    Sale 0.6g



    Details Spirulina Barrette

    The simple but effective Spirulina and coconut energy bar , made with top quality ingredients. Dried dates, almonds, coconut, Spirulina and chocolate nibs come together to give a unique flavor to your energy boost. Made with cold-processed ingredients, to keep intact and preserve the properties organoleptic, our energy bar is suitable for everyone, because:

    - gluten free
    - without soy
    - without added sugars and sweeteners
    - without derivatives of animal origin
    - without chemical flavours
    - without emulsifiers

    A pocket-sized energy boost to be consumed before your workout or as a snack during the day. The Spirulina and coconut energy bar is a mix of vitamins and natural fibers contained in just 40g of product, without sacrificing quality, taste and digestibility.

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