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    Spirulina Becagli

    Spirulina Bars - Assorted Flavors

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    Can't choose?
    Try the mixed box of energy bars with dates and organic spirulina!

    Assorted flavors:
    - Spirulina and Coconut
    - Spirulina, Passion Fruit and Goji
    - Spirulina and Hazelnut

    The energy bars with spirulina are a mix of vitamins and natural fibers contained in
    only 40g of product.


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    Nutritional values

    Energia Kl 1.832/kcal436

    Grassi 26.2g

    Grassi saturi 11.7g

    Carboidrati 52g

    Di cui zuccheri 43.6g

    Fibre 8.1g

    Proteine 8.7g

    Sale 0.6g

    Descrizione approfondita

    Spirulina energy bars are simple but effective, made with top quality ingredients. Dried dates and organic spirulina are the basis for all three flavors of our energy bars which have a unique flavor thanks to the addition of coconut, hazelnuts or passion fruit and goji.
    Made with cold-processed ingredients, to keep the organoleptic properties intact and preserve them, our energy bars are suitable for everyone, because:

    - gluten free
    - without soy
    - without added sugars and sweeteners
    - without derivatives of animal origin
    - without chemical flavours
    - without emulsifiers

    A pocket-sized energy boost to be consumed before your workout or as a snack during the day. Energy bars with Spirulina are a mix of vitamins and natural fibers contained in just 40g of product, without sacrificing quality, taste and digestibility.

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