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    Spirulina Becagli

    Dried Spirulina Sticks 50gr

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    Spirulina in organic sticks 50 grams, dried at low temperatures in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma.


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    A cosa serve Spirulina in Bastoncini?


    It gives energy because it is rich in easily assimilable and immediately available vegetable proteins.

    Difese immunitarie

    Strengthens the immune system because it is rich in vitamins A, B, D, E and K.


    It has a detox and antiaging effect because it is rich in antioxidants.


    It lowers cholesterol levels and improves the health of the cardiovascular system thanks to the presence of Betaglucans.


    It supports the body in case of anemia as it is naturally rich in easily bioavailable iron.

    Modalità d’uso

    The recommended daily dose of organic spirulina sticks is 3 grams per day to be taken in addition to a cold drink, both to mitigate the flavour, which could be strong, and to exploit it in combination with other vitamins and proteins, for example a juicer of fruit or vegetables or a glass of vegetable milk or yogurt.

    It can be taken at any time of the day: at breakfast or lunch for those following a normal diet; in the morning and/or before or after training for those who practice intense sporting activity.

    The quantity of spirulina algae in sticks to be taken can be higher or lower, depending on your needs and depends on several factors such as eating habits, lifestyle, metabolism and set objectives, which vary depending on the subject.
    For those who practice intense physical activity, the daily dose of spirulina can be higher, but be careful to increase water intake during the day to avoid sediment in the body.

    Valori Nutrizionali 100g

    Energia 1706 kJ/ 399 kcal

    Grassi 7.7g

    Grassi saturi 2.7g

    Carboidrati 23.9g

    Di cui zuccheri 3.1g

    Fibre 3.6g

    Proteine 58 g

    Sale 2.6g

    Certificazioni Spirulina in Bastoncini

    100% Organic


    Made in Tuscany

    Dettagli Spirulina in Bastoncini

    Spirulina Becagli dried in sticks is a unique source of proteins, vitamins, iron and antioxidants; it is perfect for athletes and for those who want to strengthen their immune defenses and improve the well-being of their body.

    Spirulina in the stick format can be used in many ways: in addition to juices and smoothies, as an ingredient for fresh pasta or to give color to recipes such as bread, biscuits or cakes.
    Furthermore, this form of spirulina algae can be added cold to salads, soups, cold rice or muesli.

    Production and Shipping : The Spirulina collected at our plant is filtered, dried in special machines which guarantee it the particular spaghetti shape and packaged in 50 and 100 gram bags.
    The drying temperature is kept below 45°C so as not to compromise its quality and maintain a pleasant flavor and smell.

    Storage : Store spirulina in sticks away from direct sunlight, in a dry place and consume preferably within 36 months from the packaging date.