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Spirulina Focaccia:

The morning before, put water, yeast and malt in the mixer and turn it on
When the yeast has dissolved, add the spirulina and then the sifted flours
String the dough with the leaf hook then add a pinch of salt at a time while the machine is running
Turn the dough over then knead again and add the oil slowly
When the dough is strung, form a ball and place it in a greased container covered with cling film in the fridge. In the evening, take it out and make the overlapping folds like a book. Put back in the fridge until the next morning.
In the morning, take out the dough and leave it at room temperature for about 2 hours
Turn the dough out onto an oiled blue iron pan and roll it out not too thin. Sprinkle with the brine and leave to absorb for half an hour
Meanwhile, turn the oven on to 250°.
Bake for 10 minutes, placing the pan directly on the bottom of the oven
Then transfer it to a high shelf and continue for another 10 minutes. Let cool.

Season the tartare with salt, pepper, tamari, oil and lemon zest
Cut the focaccia into squares and add a spoonful of tartare to each square. Complete with a touch of Becagli sauce, sesame, sprouts and a sprinkling of dried spirulina.

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