How to fight tiredness

The hectic lifestyle and the stress that constantly accompanies us at work and more generally in everyday life have unfortunately become constants of our days. From waking up in the morning it is a continuous chase towards some appointment or duty, whether it is taking the children to school or an important work meeting. In many cases, you arrive late in the evening feeling exhausted and physically and mentally drained. To this we must also add the external components, such as the changes in season or the arrival of the first cold weather which can debilitate even the strongest physiques.

The use of tonics therefore increasingly plays a primary role in the field of integration and nutrition, also because very often incorrect nutrition and an irregular diet do not help the correct assimilation of the nutritional elements present in the foods we eat. It therefore becomes essential to integrate one's diet with tonics that can lift our body and mind from daily fatigue and stress, but even more important is to integrate using natural products.
We could mention an infinite number of foods that provide the body with useful elements to recharge the body. Think for example of fruits rich in vitamins, or vegetables with antioxidant characteristics. Every single product present in nature has its own characteristics and having a complete diet, which does not leave out fruit and vegetables, is already a great starting point as regards the restorative aspect.

Spirulina as a natural remedy

However, a separate discussion can be made for those foods that are considered super foods, that is, products that on their own manage to perfectly integrate the body with all the nutritional elements it needs, starting from proteins up to mineral salts and vitamins. One of these is certainly Spirulina Algae.
Spirulina algae is a cyanobacterium, one of the oldest inhabitants of our planet, the link between the plant world and aquatic bacteria in the evolution of life on Earth. It owes its name not only to its shape, but also to the particular color which takes on shades of blue and green, and to its photosynthetic function of producing oxygen, factors which are very reminiscent of classic marine algae, even if spirulina grows in water sweets. Another peculiarity is the typical perfect spiral shape, which makes it unmistakable compared to the others.

In terms of diet, it can certainly be said that this cyanobacterium is essential thanks to the notable presence of nutritional elements within it; furthermore, these elements are well balanced with each other and manage to provide the necessary quantity of proteins and energy, as well as mineral salts and vitamins, in the correct proportion. Specifically, in addition to these nutritional elements, it is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 and above all in essential amino acids that are easy and immediate to digest: for this reason it has been used since ancient times as an elixir and as a wellness food.

The benefits it brings to the body are multiple and closely related to general well-being. Spirulina algae regulates the level of sugars present in the blood, managing to reduce the quantity of triglycerides and reducing the bad LDL cholesterol (and at the same time improving the levels of the good HDL cholesterol). These characteristics will lead to greater blood flow and oxygenation of the cells, and a rediscovered and speeded up body metabolism. The result is complete general well-being at all levels, both physically and mentally. For this reason, spirulina is considered one of the best natural tonics, and its characteristics do not end there. By speeding up the metabolism, in fact, it will help the process of losing weight and eliminating harmful fats; furthermore, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties will help purify and detoxify the body from toxic elements.
Many recent studies have established its efficiency with regards to the fight against allergies, such as allergic rhinitis and hay fever thanks to the vitamins present, which in addition to strengthening the immune system, will limit tiredness, giving energy to the body .

The benefits provided by Spirulina Algae play a very important role especially in cases of malnutrition or malnutrition thanks to the amino acids that are easily assimilated and digested by the body and the vitamins, proteins and fats present. These elements will in fact be able to fill all the gaps present in the body and provide what is necessary to reactivate and speed up the body's metabolism.

It is therefore clear that Spirulina Algae is a perfect food for integration into any diet, starting from the restorative factor up to weight loss and general well-being.
Its particularities also ensure that it is used on a large scale in sports (both at a professional and amateur level); in fact, inside it there is a good percentage of ferridoxin and biotin which contribute to slowing down the production of lactic acid, and regenerating cells, preventing aging and breaking down the free radicals present.

Becagli's 100% vegan Spirulina

We at Spirulina Becagli have been operating in the sector for years and offer high quality Spirulina Algae products, such as spirulina powder or dried spirulina or for those who prefer classic foods, rice triangles, pens or Spirulina beer. The cutting-edge technical tools and attention to all the standards and regulations required allow us to get the best from our plant in the province of Grosseto, where tradition and innovation combine perfectly, and where the Alga Spirulina project was born as food of the future for the protection of the world and the environment. The result is totally organic Spirulina Algae products, without added fats or sugars and 100% vegan and gluten free, and therefore also suitable for those with food intolerances or following vegan diets. All strictly made in Tuscany.
Our productions of Spirulina Algae provide all the typical benefits of this cyanobacterium, starting from proteins which can reach up to 77% of its weight. As regards amino acids, however, it is necessary to underline that Spirulina provides all 8 essential elements (maintaining the same proportions present in breast milk); these essential amino acids cannot be broken down and synthesized by our body and represent in all respects the basic scheme of all the proteins present in the organism.

We must not forget that the so-called good fats are also present, such as linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, which allow us to counteract the triglycerides present in the blood and reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol, also increasing the levels of the good one. Last but not least, there are also many varieties of vitamins from the various groups A, D, K, E, and B which serve to strengthen the immune system and provide a restorative function, without forgetting the various mineral salts such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, selenium, sodium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese.
It is therefore clear that Spirulina Algae can be considered one of the best natural tonics in the world. However, we must remember that diet and supplementation are not enough to regain strength and eliminate accumulated tiredness. Feeling weak and debilitated is due to various factors, some of which depend on behaviors and habits. A life lived too quickly, with high work rhythms that involve both the physical and mental aspects, will lead to a weakening of strength and immune defenses, especially in the winter months, where seasonal ailments also arrive with the cold. It is therefore good, if possible, to carve out spaces in which to recharge your energies. In many cases, extreme and significant operations are not needed. For example, a short half-hour walk every day may be enough, or carve out a moment with friends every week, like an aperitif for example, or better yet practice a sport consistently.

These aspects will help relieve the body of accumulated stress, which will lead to weakening the body. If you manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle without too many excesses, and with the help of supplements and natural tonics such as Spirulina Algae, then you will certainly be able to recharge your energy and be ready to face each new day.
Furthermore, don't forget that diet is also very important. Not exaggerating with excesses and limiting foods that are harmful to our body can only be good for our defenses. Even in this case, a few precautions are enough, such as limiting sweets and alcoholic drinks and favoring white meats and fish over red ones. Fried and overly greasy foods should be eliminated, as should salt.

With these measures the body will find the right balance, slimming down its shape by eliminating excess fat, in order to regain its lost shape: the body will thank itself by showing itself increasingly toned and fit.