The detox diet is an effective method to purify and detoxify the body naturally. Useful for reawakening the metabolism, it allows you to eliminate toxins accumulated over time due to an inadequate or unhealthy diet, consisting of excessive consumption of proteins or refined carbohydrates.
The use of particular medications, stress, smoking and alcohol can also increase the number of toxins present in the body, leading to tiredness, digestive difficulties, weight gain, abdominal swelling associated with constipation and reduced ability to lose weight. Among detox foods, Spirulina Becagli is the most appreciated for following a healthy diet.

Spirulina Becagli and detox diet

When the body is intoxicated the complexion appears duller, hair and nails are brittle. There is an annoying sensation of fatigue, associated with irritability, depression and a lower resistance to infections. The body is thus more vulnerable to diseases as the immune system does not function adequately.
In this case, we must not underestimate the body's requests for help and proceed with a diet capable of offering a total break to restore the correct functionality of the internal organs, preferring fruit , vegetables and so-called detox foods.
Spirulina Becagli is a superfood with energizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Cultivated at our plant in Grosseto, in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, grown in open tanks (raceway ponds) placed inside automated greenhouses which ensure perfect regulation of cultivation conditions, Spirulina is a cyanobacterium with high nutritional value .
Rich in proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, omega 6, omega 3, minerals, essential amino acids, it promotes correct and healthy nutrition, promoting weight loss, stimulation of the metabolism and detoxification of the body. Inserted within a detox program it helps to eliminate endogenous and exogenous toxins from the liver, kidneys and intestines.
Source of chlorophyll, Spirulina Becagli carries out an effective regulatory activity on blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helping to improve many functions of the body. Taken before main meals, it is able to trigger a sense of satiety which helps to limit the quantitative intake of food, thus also helping to gradually reduce the waistline and get back into shape.

What are the principles of a detox diet?

The detox diet is based on the consumption of purifying foods, even in liquid form, and can have a variable duration based on need. Generally, you should never exceed the 5 day threshold. The impact is certainly traumatic for the body, which is why it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before embarking on the purification process.
To avoid serious repercussions, it is best not to reduce your daily calories too much, keeping within the standard values ​​which are 1,200 kCal for women and 1,800 kCal for men. Fasting does not serve to purify oneself, because our body produces ketone bodies, deriving precisely from the proteins used as an energy source, in the absence of carbohydrates and therefore, the result obtained is exactly the opposite.

The detox diet essentially aims to purify the liver, an indispensable organ that performs important functions: it is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, in the production of bile, in the regulation of blood sugar, in digestive functions, in the production of triglycerides and cholesterol as well as in the elimination of waste and toxins, waste substances normally produced by the body and taken in from the outside.
A well-functioning liver improves digestive capabilities, promoting intestinal transit. Furthermore, it provides more energy to the body, helping to lose weight where necessary.
The detox diet is based on some essential rules:

1) Take fiber. Contained in whole grains (rice, bread, pasta, flour, oats), legumes, vegetables and dried fruit, they limit the absorption of sugars and saturated fats.

2) Consume Omega 3. Blue fish (mackerel, sardines, cod, hake, sea bass and sea bream), oilseeds, dried fruit and Spirulina Becagli are particularly rich in it. These essential fatty acids help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver.

3) Eliminate refined carbohydrates and sugary preparations. We are naturally talking about baked goods made with white flours (it is therefore better to prefer wholemeal flour), grilled and fried foods, sausages and fatty meats, mature cheeses, canned foods because they are tasty and sauces.

4) Avoid caffeine, theine, carbonated drinks and alcohol , replacing them with excellent green tea with well-known diuretic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nervous system and metabolism stimulants as well as slimming properties. Herbal teas, herbal infusions and centrifuges are also good to combine with a liter and a half of natural water a day, essential for transporting toxins and eliminating them through the so-called excretory organs, i.e. kidneys, skin, lungs, liver and intestine.

5) Reduce the use of seasonings and salt as much as possible. Although these substances may make dishes palatable, they are also responsible for hypertension and water retention and therefore for the accumulation of liquids and localized swelling on the abdomen and lower limbs. To give more flavor to foods you can use aromatic herbs and spices.

6) Eat 5 meals a day. The detox diet does not include fasting. To stimulate the metabolism, the intestine must always be active. Therefore, it is a good idea to combine the 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with a mid-morning snack and an afternoon snack consisting respectively of a handful of dried fruit such as hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds.

7) Give the right value to fruit. Not everyone is suitable for a detox diet, however pineapple is an excellent ally of the body. An inexhaustible source of vitamin C, magnesium, iodine and phosphorus, it is a powerful remedy against the harmful action of free radicals, responsible for cellular and therefore skin aging. Made up largely of water and fibre, pineapple is naturally purifying and antioxidant. It can be eaten raw at the end of a meal or to break mid-morning hunger pangs.
Another fruit not to be underestimated is the avocado. Rich in proteins, essential fatty acids and "good" fats (omega 3 and 6), it helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, providing energy but without weighing you down (it is absolutely low-calorie), the important thing is that it is well ripe.
Natural medicine against all types of illnesses, the pomegranate is the perfect fruit to include in a detox program. Source of antioxidants, it has hydrating, antibacterial and cellular regeneration stimulating properties, thus counteracting cellular aging. Pomegranate flavored water with a few drops of lemon or ginger has an excellent detoxifying effect.

8) Practice regular physical activity. Sport is necessary to support the efforts made at the table. In addition to contributing to the gradual loss of a few extra pounds, it is good for the body as well as for the mood. Free your mind, removing bad thoughts and stress accumulated during the day. It is advisable to practice an outdoor activity: jogging or a simple brisk walk in the park could also work.

9) Perform a scrub all over your skin. Although different from the previous remedies, this practice is also part of the detox program, as it helps to eliminate dead cells and stimulate blood circulation. Generally, a vegetable sponge or a brush made of natural fibers is used to rub over the entire body (with the exception of the throat and face as well as any sore points) with slow and concentric movements. At the end it is advisable to take a shower or bath with at least one minute of cold water, in order to activate the microcirculation.

Who is the detox diet not suitable for?

The detox diet, although useful and necessary in some specific conditions, is however not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The deprivation of some nutrients and liquids could have more or less serious repercussions on the fetus. Furthermore, it is not suitable for those who are underweight, the elderly and hypertensive people. Before embarking on a nutritional journey of this type it is always advisable to consult your doctor or a good nutritionist.

To conclude, for those who want to detoxify the body without too many sacrifices, Spirulina Becagli is the ideal solution. Valid support of a healthy and nutrient-rich diet, taken regularly, every day and before main meals, it helps to increase the sense of satiety thanks to the abundance of nutrients and their effect on the secretion of cholecystokinin. The superfood produced and processed on our estate in Grosseto reduces triglycerides in the blood, stimulates the increase in good cholesterol (HDL) while reducing bad cholesterol. It also regulates high blood pressure, responsible for cardiovascular diseases: a real panacea for the body.