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causes, symptoms and natural remedies

Exhaustion is defined as feeling too tired or exhausted, with a lack of energy and a strong feeling of sleepiness. However, it is a common symptom in many people and the disorders are often due to a change in lifestyle or for many other reasons. Fatigue, among other things, in relation to the symptoms that may appear, can range from mild to severe. In reference to what has been stated so far, let's see in detail what the causes and symptoms of physical weakness are and how to intervene to remedy them.

The main causes of fatigue

The causes of exhaustion from a strictly pathological point of view can be classified into 3 categories and each with a very specific factor.

  1. The first, for example, concerns lifestyle : lack of adequate food, taking certain medications, emotional stress, lack of sleep, rest, physical activity, boredom, regular alcohol consumption or drug addiction.
  2. The second category, however, is linked to some pathologies such as malaria, mononucleosis, influenza, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, pregnancy and other diseases.
  3. Finally, regarding the third, exhaustion occurs as a result of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and seasonal affective disorder.

What to do in case of exhaustion?

There is no specific treatment for exhaustion, so much so that doctors once prescribed a tonic. The secret, however, is to identify the cause and then do something about it.

In fact, if it is attributable to a medical condition, treatment will often resolve the problem. For example, if you have anemia, iron supplements can treat fatigue that resolves with improvement in blood counts. Furthermore, it is believed that even iron-based concentrates, if the latter has reached a lower level than normal, can help remedy physical tiredness.

Another excellent medical treatment instead consists in identifying the pathology known as hypothyroidism which, if present, involves taking a pill to replace the missing thyroid hormone and which is usually very effective and able to provide more energy. Finally it must be said that if the cause of the fatigue is linked to a side effect of a drug, the doctor could opt to prescribe something that works better.

Spirulina for example is ideal as it is a rich source of nutrients and iron; in fact, it contains a plant protein called phycocyanin which boasts notable antioxidant properties, combats pain, proves to be an excellent anti-inflammatory and has a protective action for the brain.

Natural remedies to combat fatigue

In addition to taking natural substances such as spirulina, to combat fatigue it is important to know that there are also other natural remedies and that they are worth listing in detail.

The first consists of changing your lifestyle , and specifically drinking more liquids than usual to always stay well hydrated, opting only for healthy foods, training regularly, avoiding stress and getting enough sleep.

Yoga practice is the second excellent remedy to combat fatigue; in fact, it allows you to relax body and mind thanks to meditation which is the basis of this oriental science.

Another natural remedy to minimize or completely eliminate the phenomenon of fatigue is to avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco and try to reduce the use of caffeine.

Other natural remedies for tiredness

Those suffering from chronic fatigue can consider treatments based on vitamin B12 and L-carnitine. However, fatigue is a rather complex pathology and a treatment with these products does not always work adequately.

Having said that, it should also be added that although the use of alternative medicine is quite popular among people with physical exhaustion, scientific support for specific treatments is so far lacking, although research is still ongoing. However, this does not mean that natural products may not be able to provide any benefits and manage chronic fatigue well.

On a side note, it is important to consider their use in the context of a complete treatment plan and perhaps consult your doctor before trying new options.

If spirulina has proven to be able to provide a powerful mix of nutrients, it should be underlined that essential fatty acids can also prove valuable in combating fatigue. In fact, research has highlighted that subjects suffering from this pathology have unbalanced levels of essential fatty acids of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 type, which spirulina is also rich in, and which can contribute to creating symptoms such as fatigue and muscle pain. . Among other things, the body needs to obtain essential fatty acids through nutrition since it cannot produce them on its own.

Some small studies have found that supplementing with a combination of essential fatty acids found in evening primrose oil and fish oil can actually lead to an appreciable improvement in symptoms. Omega-3 acids have been shown to provide many health benefits, including reduced inflammation and cardiovascular improvement. Good food sources containing these types of fatty acids include fish such as salmon, herring and sardines, as well as flax seeds, walnuts, chia and some oils.
Vitamin B12 and folic acid are other ideal substances for minimizing the effects of fatigue.

The effects of spirulina against fatigue

In addition to fatty acids and vitamins, spirulina can also prove to be a valid ally against any form of fatigue. When you are struggling with a total lack of energy during the day, you can ask for help from a product with very interesting properties.

From this vegetable, a specific biomass is obtained containing a high percentage of B vitamins, thanks to which the metabolism can find its original balance. To all this, we must add the action of proteins, present in large quantities within the essential amino acids which can be assimilated by the body without any difficulty. At the same time, spirulina is able to act as an extremely important restorative tonic, also thanks to a high concentration of minerals such as iron.

The immune system benefits greatly from spirulina, which should be taken consistently to fully enjoy its many strengths.

Spirulina, a perfect product also for those who eat too much due to tiredness

But the positive effects of spirulina for those who decide to take it absolutely do not end here. The seaweed is often used during any slimming treatment .

Often, when you are dealing with persistent tiredness, you risk feeling a deep sense of hunger. The latter must be addressed appropriately. Otherwise, the danger of excessive weight gain becomes quite real, with all the health problems that can result.

Spirulina is, in this way, very suitable for those who tend to eat excessively due to exhaustion, or even prolonged situations of stress and anxiety. Generally speaking, it should be taken before each meal, to give a sense of satiety and also keep the cholesterol level in the blood under control, as well as facilitating the removal of toxins from the body. At the same time, spirulina strengthens the intestine and offers notable advantages during sporting activity, even from a competitive point of view.

Such a result is achieved thanks to the high concentration of proteins, which make this microalgae an extraordinary supplement for toning muscles and increasing resistance under effort. It is no coincidence that many extreme sports athletes choose to take it with a certain consistency, especially before training sessions or very demanding competitions. We recommend using 3-5 grams per day, which can reach up to 10 grams for athletes who do intense physical activity.

There are no particular contraindications, but in case of allergies, intolerances or particular medical situations it is always advisable to ask your nutritionist for help before taking spirulina.

Exhaustion, many methods to best deal with it

Overall, there are many natural remedies to implement to better deal with exhaustion. There is nothing left to do but try every method to regain lost energy and feel optimal at any time of the day. From lifestyle to physical activity, from fatty acids to vitamins, every aspect must be taken care of intensively.

All this without obviously forgetting spirulina, a substance that can be considered almost miraculous for the effects it is able to guarantee to anyone who takes it frequently.

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