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    Spirulina Becagli

    Severino Selection

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    Spirulina Severino Becagli, a unique and innovative product, is transformed into the sign of our food tradition. By selecting local excellences, Severino Becagli offers good and healthy products, which will color and enrich your table.

    The content of our selection will make you rediscover the taste and quality of the Tuscan tradition, all accompanied with the innovation and benefits of Spirulina algae, enriching your dishes with an extra pinch of originality!

    Inside you will find:
    Spirulina Rice Pasta - Caserecce or Penne Rigate
    Spiruday7 - Single-dose spirulina powder
    Becagli Bio Sauce - vegan mayonnaise with fresh spirulina
    Organic Italian honey with organic spirulina
    Organic rice or corn triangles with peas and spirulina

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    100% Organic

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