The inability to concentrate on study or work is a common problem for many people. The brain, distracted by continuous external stimuli, loses mental focus, preventing it from carrying out a task adequately, causing a significant drop in performance. Spirulina Becagli, a 100% natural micro-algae, is a food resource with well-known energizing properties, useful for counteracting psychophysical tiredness and perfect for increasing concentration at work and in study.

What is Becagli Spirulina: properties and benefits for the brain

Various research has shown that the current generation is able to stay concentrated for no more than 35-40 seconds on a task, after which it seeks new external stimuli, as it is attracted by news (for example mobile phone notifications, emails or the latest news) . Distraction feeds the brain with various information but hinders the memorization and understanding of a school text, slowing down the presentation of a project or important work.

Spirulina Becagli is a valid support for the brain, capable of counteracting mental tiredness and stimulating concentration in work or study. The blue-green cyanobacterium is an ingredient with ancient origins already known to the Romans, improperly defined as algae. In its natural state, it looks very similar to a spiral (hence the name), but the single unit can only be seen under a microscope. Cultivated in open tanks, the raceway ponds, at our Tenuta San Lorenzo in Grosseto, in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, the superfood boasts notable properties and benefits.

Vegan, gluten-free, free of additives and GMOs, taken regularly fresh, in the convenient dried or granulated format or in the form of an organic food product (pen, homemade, beer, honey), Spirulina Becagli is easy to digest and assimilate. Rightly defined as "food of the future", because it was chosen by NASA to feed astronauts, it has a high nutritional value. Source of vitamins , proteins , essential amino acids , mineral salts and unsaturated fats , it is a precious ally of the immune system, waistline and athletes.
Rich in antioxidants, it limits the damage caused by cellular aging by counteracting skin aging and guaranteeing young and perfectly smooth skin. A source of energy for the mind and body, Spirulina Becagli has a high concentration of phosphorus which stimulates memory, proving to be a good support for those who study or need to perform at a high level of mental performance.

Further remedies to improve concentration in study and work

Several studies have shown that an employee can actually stay focused for only 3 hours a day out of 8. For the remaining 5, the mind is bombarded by other stimuli coming from the smartphone but also from the PC (email and message notifications).

This means that by managing to control your attention, you could spend even half the time and be more productive at work and in study, dedicating different moments of the day to yourself, to hobbies as well as to loved ones. The remedies to ward off distraction are perfectly applicable to everyday life:

1) Reduce everything that limits attention. To improve concentration, it is easy to deduce that you need to keep all distractions away, so it becomes essential to find an environment that encourages attention, taking care of every little detail from lighting to tidiness at the desk. Furthermore, every source of inattention must be eliminated, from the ringtone to smartphone notifications. Anything that generates noise and is not relevant to study or work can cause concentration to collapse and distract from the objective.

2) Take a few minutes of break. Mental fatigue can easily take you away from your goal, limiting your performance over time. Therefore, it is a good idea to organize your work or study hours by providing 15-minute breaks every hour. If the project you are working on proves to be particularly challenging, we suggest extending the break to 30 minutes. In this way, the mind will remain active but also elastic, allowing you to complete the task brilliantly. To mark the time, it could be useful to set a portable or mobile timer.

3) Meditation for correct management of the mind. This practice, followed by great entrepreneurs and well-known athletes, offers the enormous advantage of increasing concentration skills and consequently guarantees better management of mental energy.

4) Practice healthy sport. It is known that dedicating time to physical activity is beneficial for the health of the body and brain. In particular, it helps to release the tensions of everyday life, to get back into shape and above all to free the mind from negative thoughts. It stimulates creativity and greatly improves concentration, thanks to a greater supply of oxygen and blood flow. The body consequently releases chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin which help develop a positive attitude. It should not be overlooked that sport, especially if practiced outdoors, relaxes the nervous system, an indispensable factor for concentration and memory. For this purpose, tennis and basketball should be preferred, as they are capable of doubly training the mind in concentration as the brain is forced to continuously make calculations of probability and risk.
Several studies have shown that those who are lucky enough to dedicate a few hours a week to regular sporting activity are also much more productive at work and in study, are able to get distracted less and organize the time available better. Sport is essential for the physical, psychological and mental growth of children. In our culture it should be placed not only as a recreational activity but also as an educational activity.

5) Make a planning of the activity to be carried out. To successfully complete a task, whether it concerns study or work, it is essential to pre-visualize the activity.
For perfect organization of the study or work session, it is also recommended to create a schedule of activities to be carried out the evening before (if there is a concrete possibility of being able to do so) and to write everything down in a notebook or diary, in so as not to overlook even one point.

6) Treat yourself to a period of relaxation. Holidays were designed precisely to unplug from the hectic everyday life. Even if, initially, it might cost a lot to part with your smartphone, it is a good idea to interrupt the data or wireless connection for a few days (from 2 to 7) and enjoy a well-deserved rest away from any type of distraction, for example work emails, social networks, study group discussions.

7) Eat healthily and without skipping meals. Mind and body draw the right energy from nutrition. Getting heavy at the table implies poor digestion, drowsiness and difficulty in maintaining concentration and interest in what you are doing. On the other hand, remaining on an empty stomach and fighting the feeling of hunger for several hours constitutes another distraction. Drinking water regularly and having some light snacks increases the sense of satiety and consequently the attention.
Coffee and glucose are excellent energy sources but for obvious reasons they must be dosed and managed so as not to overexcite the nervous system and increase blood sugar levels. Concentration is the weapon of the future and therefore must be trained.

Spirulina Becagli, taken regularly, in the amount of 2-3 grams per day, improves cognitive activity by providing the brain with the right stimuli to excel in work and study, maintaining concentration and memory high.