Severino Becagli and Unicoop Florence, Italian spirulina enters large-scale distribution

Today, Tuesday 6 December, a new phase begins for Severino Becagli.
The 100% natural organic Tuscan spirulina company, based in Grosseto, will also make its first appearance in large-scale retail trade, on the shelves of the Unicoop Firenze stores located throughout Tuscany.

An important step for the Becagli family company which further certifies the quality of its product and is a symptom of an ever-increasing attention on the part of large-scale retail trade towards organic, natural and sustainable products.

The greenhouse cultivation of Spirulina Becagli, in fact, allows not only to produce a natural supplement in a controlled, certified and Made in Italy environment, but also to give important help to the environment: spirulina is the organism that produces the most oxygen in absolute and, by carrying out photosynthesis, allows us to capture a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere, reducing the gases that cause overheating of the earth. Its production makes the air clean: One kilo of spirulina produced absorbs 2 kilos of CO2 and emits 2 kilos of oxygen.

The entry of Spirulina Becagli into Unicoop Firenze, not only with the pure raw material, but with the line of food products (gluten-free pasta, drinks, sauce and honey), coincides with a renewed interest on a global level towards the use of spirulina as a food supplement (+49%) and the constant growth of the organic sector in Italy (+16%).

A new phase for Spirulina Becagli which opens the doors to the future of the company and sustainable nutrition in Italy.