1. Vegan burger with Spirulina powder

A simple, quick and healthy dish. To make a vegan burger with Spirulina, simply dry blend some peas or chickpeas to obtain a raw flour to be mixed with water, salt, a pinch of olive oil and flavorings to taste. Incorporate everything with blended potatoes and a spoonful of dried Spirulina powder. By adding a little corn flour, vegan burgers are made to be cooked in a pan with a drizzle of oil and accompanied with rustic bread, a lettuce leaf and a touch of Becagli sauce, the vegan sauce based on Spirulina.

2. Fresh pasta with Spirulina

Pasta is the Italian food par excellence, a distinctive feature of every Italian table!
To create a new dish, but with traditional flavours, simply add a teaspoon of Spirulina powder together with the flour mixture and proceed with the preparation of fresh pasta. In this way you will make fresh pasta with Spirulina, healthy, 100% organic (if you use organic flours) and with a unique color and taste that will surprise everyone at the table. For the less experienced and the lazier, Severino Becagli offers a selection of Pasta with Tuscan Spirulina, bronze drawn, excellent to try with all types of sauce.

3. Energy smoothies for breakfast

Perfect for a quick and energy-rich breakfast. Just add your two favorite fruits, a little almond milk and a spoonful of dried Spirulina to the blender to start off on the right foot! Also try adding Spirulina flakes, to give crunch to your morning smoothie. Even Princess Kate Middleton wakes up every morning with an excellent Spirulina milkshake!

4. Detox smoothies

Spirulina is an algae with great detoxifying qualities. With the arrival of summer and heat, a purifying and detox juicer is the tastiest and healthiest thing you could want. For this reason we suggest making a refreshing juice based on vegetables and spirulina!

Just mix a spoonful of Spirulina with lemon, spinach, celery and half a green apple to sweeten the flavour, to obtain a detox smoothie with a unique and unrepeatable flavour!

5. Energy bars

Spirulina algae is particularly suitable for athletes: it is a food rich in proteins, activates the metabolism, helps oxygenate the blood and is a powerful energy boost. A homemade energy bar, based on Spirulina, can be an excellent solution for a good and healthy snack: preparing energy bars with Spirulina is very simple. The classic recipe includes dried fruit, cereals and seeds combined with organic honey, just add spirulina powder or spirulina flakes to the mixture to obtain a unique result!

6. As a food coloring

Do you really want to be creative in the kitchen and let your imagination run wild? There's nothing better than playing with colors. Spirulina is a powerful natural colorant and gives an intense green, bluish color to foods. Aesthetically it is truly a fascinating color, plus it is totally natural and full of benefits. Use it wherever you want to give a touch of fantasy to your dishes, there are really no limits!

Bonus: a romantic dinner in space!

Thanks to its richness in nutrients, its beneficial properties and its high ease of absorption, NASA has introduced Spirulina algae as an ideal food for astronauts' diets. So why not share some dried spirulina during a romantic walk in space?